1967 Season in Ncaa Football

The 1967 season for NCAA Football was the last year of its era. Up to this point the league did not employ the use of playoff games. The championship team was determined before the bowl games were even played. These championship teams would be determined by the popular polls in the nation declaring which teams they thought were the National Champions. This would be the last season that such tactics would be employed. After this season the polls would wait for bowl games in order to help determine which team was the best of all of the teams in the nation.

The team favored to win it all coming into the season was the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. They were the preseason number one and 먹튀사이트 most people thought that they would step in and show that they were the best team in the nation. In the end there were a handful of other teams that managed to come out on top of them.

The Fighting Irish managed to stay on top of the league for a while, plowing through their competition. However, they would eventually have to take on a real test against the Purdue Boilermakers. The Boilermakers were the 10th best team in the nation and they had a lot of confidence while taking on Notre Dame. The Boilermakers stood tough and managed to come home with a win in a close matchup. The final score of the game was 28-21 in favor of Purdue. This would drop the Fighting Irish out of the top ranking in the nation.

The second ranked team in the nation had been the USC Trojans. They managed to take out Michigan State 21-17. This close win allowed them to step into the spot of number 1 in the nation.

USC settled into their top ranking quite nicely. They went on to take out Stanford in their next game 30-0. Later on USC sealed their position as the best team in the nation by taking out Notre Dame in a convincing victory. The final score of the game was 24-7.

USC would continue winning until they took on Oregon State. It was a sloppy game, featuring a lot of rain and mud. These two teams had solid offenses, but neither team could get it going in the terrible conditions. The final score of the game was 3-0 in favor of Oregon State. USC would then drop to 4th in the nation.

They soon had an opportunity to regain their position, however. They would play the number one ranked UCLA Bruins. The Trojans managed to squeak out a 21-20 victory in an all-time classic game. The Trojans would continue to win and solidified their squad as the best team in the NCAA according to the AP poll. They would be ranked AP National Champions with a final record of 9-1 on the season. They received 36 of the possible 49 votes, showing that they were the best team in the nation in the eyes of most of the sportswriters.

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