How to Transfer Google Workspace Emails to Another Platform?

Technology is rapidly changing, so is the requirement of organizations using the cloud. If someone doesn’t change with changing technology, then you will left be left-behind. Same thing happening with Google Suite. Till 2019 Google’s Google Workspace was one of the most demanding and used cloud-based business email clients in the market. However, due to a lack of updates in the Google Suite, many organizations start switching from it. Currently, the most demanding and used cloud platform is Office 365. And most of the organizations starting to switch over to these email clients.

However, opting for a new cloud platform isn’t a difficult task, migration of user data is. When you switch over to new cloud platform, then everything is new for administrators as well as users. The data transfer is not that easy, as Google Workspace doesn’t provide an easy way out of their service. So, in the article, we will guide you with an easy task to transfer Google Workspace data to another platform(Office 365). Using this guide, Admin can easily transfer emails, contacts, calendars, documents of Google Workspace account as well as Google Vault data to Office 365 cloud.

Methods to Migrate Google Workspace Emails to Different Platform

Google Workspace provides an easy way to opt for their cloud service by using Google Data Migration Service. But, this service only allows migrating data to Google Workspace from other platforms not to move out of Google Workspace.

So, if you want to switch over to Office 365, then you need to use the import service of Office 365, where first you need to export Google Workspace user data into PST format and then use import service to import PST into the Office 365 platform. But, this process is quite complicated because the conversion and import tasks can take so much time and the process can be quite cumbersome also. So, it better to take the help of a third-party utility for the execution of such a complex task.

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