Meet the Tomlinson FamilyAndre Tomlinson age 44, of Simsbury, CT was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 2010, after a year of tests. Prior to his diagnosis Andre was a hardworking man who would do anything and everything to be successful at his job and provide for his family. He was and still is a dedicated son to his two loving parents who would do anything for him, and a devoted father to his two daughters Kaylana age 19, and Shayla age, 7.

 At the age of 37, Andre’s life was going exactly how he wanted it and then in a blink of an eye, his life changed forever. Since his diagnosis, Andre’s life has been a roller coaster, both physically and emotionally. He is unable to fully participate in the programs and activities for his children because he is confined to a wheelchair and that has caused a strain on their relationship. His youngest even associates fun things with her mom, which makes Andre very sad and makes him feel like he is not truly able to be the father he wants to be.

 Despite Andre’s disability, he is Shayla’s primary caregiver. He has her Monday to Friday. He gets her to and from school every day, makes her dinner and is there for her as best as he can with his current limitations. He doesn’t let anything he can control get in the way.

 Andre’s dream would be for him to be able to take his daughters to Disney and create a “sister bond” that has been difficult for them to foster since Kaylana has spent most of her life in Georgia. He has always planned to take them both to Disney since neither of them has ever been but has never truly had the means or opportunity to. He thought that with his diagnosis and the current state of his health he never would be able too. Treasured Time will be granting the Tomlinson Family the “Gift of Moments” Summer/Fall 2018.