The Quirk Family Treasured TimeChristopher Quirk was diagnosed in November of 2013, after a routine physical found that his liver was fattier than it should be. Doctors required him to get some additional tests. After a few more tests Chris was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer.

Chris originally went to Danbury Hospital.  The doctors there wanted him to start Chemo right away but his sister’s kids hockey coach was head oncologist at MASS General and called Chris about getting a 2nd opinion which he did. They confirmed his diagnosis and did an Emergency colostomy diversion.

Chris stayed for over a year at MASS General receiving radiation or chemotherapy and stayed at “Hope lodge” where his oldest son came to care for him until January 2014 when radiation ended. Chris has two older children from a previous marriage. Receiving treatments at MASS General became too much for him so he transferred to Yale. Currently, Chris is on an experimental treatment. This round of treatments has been very hard on him but he keeps fighting his battle daily.

Chris and his wife are both unemployed and support themselves with the help of disability and some family. One of the first things they talked about when Chris was diagnosed were the milestones he wanted to see in his life and one of them was to take Henri to Disney. Henri is their miracle baby and Chris wants nothing more than to give this opportunity to his child. Treasured Time is honored to be granting this “Gift of Moments” the family is heading to Disney on September 7th, 2015.