The Plonas Treasured TimeMark Plona and his wife had the perfect story, they met and fell in love. Got married, bought their first home and got pregnant with their first child. As mark described it everything was going as they had planned. But as quickly as it all fell in line things started to fall apart.

Mark Plona was first diagnosed with cancer in 1999. Despite the shock of his diagnosis he fought the cancer and was cancer free for 10 years. Mark describes having had cancer as always living with a cloud hanging over your head. Mark started to sense a change, something not quite right, so because of this cloud he decided to go and get some tests done. This was a very scary time since they have three children.

Mark was diagnosed almost 3 years ago with his second cancer, stage IV colorectal cancer. The cancer had spread to his lymphatic system and then to his bones. Due to the cancer in his bones, Marks pain was unbearable and one night had to be rushed to the hospital because of just how much pain he was in. When the medics came to take him to get some relief his bones had become so riddled with cancer that they broke his femurs trying to secure him into the ambulance.

Mark spent many months after having two metal rods inserted into his legs to fix the broken femurs. He had to learn how to walk again and had lost so much muscle function in his legs that he had to slowly rebuild his muscles in order to just get around. Mark now walks with a cane but had again beat the odds.

Mark’s cancer is incurable but is currently treatable. He will be on chemo every other week for the rest of his life. Mark’s wish was to take his family to Disney. Their wish was granted on July 27th.[/fusion_text]