Meet the Pantalone FamilyTreasured Time would like to welcome our 33rd family!! 

Patrick Pantalone, age 39, of Simsbury, CT was always healthy and athletic. However, his whole life changed when he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2014. While he is currently on the transplant list he must get dialysis three times a week to keep his levels from becoming toxic. These treatments make him very tired and unable to spend the quality time he was once able to with his wife Marisol, and their four children.

Since his diagnosis, Patrick has lost a lot of time from work and while his employer has been very understanding, the missed time has caused a financial strain on the family. Patrick would love nothing more than to spend time with his family, away from the financial stresses and the stresses associated with his diagnosis. He longs for the opportunity to create a memory with his family that will last a lifetime.

 Treasured Time will be giving the Pantalone family the “Gift of Moments” in the fall of 2018.