Ouellette Family Treasured TimeDebra Ouellette from Watertown, CT, is the mother of our newest family and has a family of six children. She is currently fighting stage 4 liver cancer, which has forced her out of work and due to this she is unfortunately about to lose her home. Debra believed, that due to her hardships, she would never be able to get her wish of taking all of her children on a cruise. She began saving for this special trip, but when she found out she had cancer; all of the money she saved went directly to her treatments. That is why Treasured Time will help grant her family this wish. She most recently welcomed her first grandchild to the family and the entire group will travel together on a cruise this summer. Debra has been through a lot during her life, as she lost her first husband to a heart attack, which left her with four young children, the oldest being nine at the time. Treasured Time will be granting this families wish August 2015.