hutchinson family treasured timeAnna Hutchinson who calls herself the spokesperson for stage IV cancer is the mother of three children son (9) and daughter (11) and eldest daughter passed away from a one in a million brain tumor at Yale. Anna was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic colon cancer at the age of 38 about 2 years ago. The cancer had spread to her liver and over 20 lymph nodes at the time of her diagnosis. The doctors said that due to the size of the tumor that her cancer had been growing for about 10 years. She has had several surgeries and been on various chemo treatments with no success. She will be on chemo for life.  Anna’s wish is to take her children to a no stress, no doctors, relaxing vacation so that her children can be children for a week and not have to worry about the stresses of life. Her 11-year-old daughter has grown up too fast because of this process and she wants to give her back some of her childhood. Anna and her family will be going on a cruise in the summer of 2015.