Nima GrinvalskyNima Grinvalsky, 45 of Stratford, CT was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015.  She has two young sons at home that have to watch her everyday struggles, the boys are 9 and 12. She also has 3 older children from a previous marriage. Her children have seen her not be able to walk due to relapses and have had to deal with her having to stay in bed for days because of the chemo treatments she receives to help keep her MS controlled.

Two years ago, she had a horrible relapse that had her in the hospital for 6 days. Her younger son who was 7 at the time just kept asking the doctor if mommy could come home because he was missing his mommy! Unfortunately, there is no cure and she will progressively get worse. She does what she can to keep her symptoms at bay but she never knows what each day will bring.

At this point, she is no longer able to work. She cannot get disability due to not having enough work credits so her husband who is a carpenter, works very hard to just keep their home. Her husband not only is a hard worker and takes amazing care of her and their children but he is also taking care of his mother who has Parkinson’s disease. The stress of everyday life is taking its toll on him.  

For Nima, it would truly be amazing to be granted some treasured time. Some time to just feel “normal.” She would love the opportunity to feel like the mom, wife, and grandmother her family deserves, doing things that other families do. She wants her family to have memories of the mom, wife, and grandmother that is able to do things with them. Nima would like a moment for them to forget about the medications, IV’s, shots and just have family fun. 

Treasured Time will be giving the Grinvalsky family their “Gift of Moments” in the Fall of 2018. Please help us grant this experience by donating today!