Meet the families of Treasured Time!

treasured time families

  • Nateasa Scott and Family

Meet the Scott Family

Nateasa Scott of Rocky Hill, CT was diagnosed with stage 4 HER 2 Positive Breast Cancer 9 years ago. From that moment on, Nateasa’s only focus was fighting this disease so she could be around […]

  • Meet the Pantalone Family

Meet the Pantalone Family

Treasured Time would like to welcome our 33rd family!! 

Patrick Pantalone, age 39, of Simsbury, CT was always healthy and athletic. However, his whole life changed when he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2014. […]

  • Meet the Tomlinson Family

Meet the Tomlinson Family

Andre Tomlinson age 44, of Simsbury, CT was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 2010, after a year of tests. Prior to his diagnosis Andre was a hardworking man who would do anything and everything […]

  • Meet the Brown Family

Meet the Brown Family

Treasured Time would like to introduce our 32nd family!

Cosmo Brown, age 63 of Derby, CT was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer in 2014. Before his diagnosis, Cosmo worked at CTS, a Waterbury based company […]

  • Nima Grinvalsky

Meet the Grinvalsky Family

Nima Grinvalsky, 45 of Stratford, CT was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015.  She has two young sons at home that have to watch her everyday struggles, the boys are 9 and 12. She also […]

  • Xiomara Mont

Meet the Mont Family

Xiomara Mont, 32 of New Haven, CT was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer with metastases to her liver and T12 spinal bone on April 14th, 2017.

Before her diagnosis, Xiomara worked for a local car […]

  • Schrader family photo for TT

Meet the Schrader Family

Laura Schrader, 46 of Sandy Hook, CT was living her dream as a loving wife and mother when cancer turned her world upside down.  Until her diagnosis, Laura’s life story was probably similar to many […]

  • Jessica Gariepy

Meet the Gariepy Family

Jessica Gariepy, age 42, of Fairfield, CT was diagnosed with a rare neuroendocrine or carcinoid with goblet cell cancer in May 2016. Jessica woke up with pain on her right side that just wouldn’t go […]

  • Stanton Family

Meet the Stanton Family

Tim Stanton, age 46 of Stratford, CT was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in February 2017. At the time of his diagnosis, it had spread to his liver and lymph nodes. Tim met with […]

  • Meet the O'Leary Family

Meet the O’Leary Family

Jeremiah O’Leary known as “Jay” age 42, his wife and their three children live in Manchester, Connecticut. 

In late February after having worked almost 200 hours, Jay started to feel run down, it got so bad […]

  • Meet the Ksepko Family

Meet the Ksepko Family

Gregory Ksepko, age 43 of Stamford, CT began experiencing pain in his left side in 2014. Gregory walked to the hospital where they performed a CT scan. Upon reviewing the results doctors encouraged he be […]

  • Meet the Celone Family

Meet the Celone Family

Mark Celone, age 51 of Derby, CT was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in March 2016. Prior to this diagnosis Mark had not been feeling very sick but did have a huge lump in […]

  • The Amours at Treasured Time

Meet the Amour Family

In December 2015, Charlene Armour, age 54 from Bridgeport,CT was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Charlene had undergone various tests including for Lyme and lupus and had even been diagnosed with pneumonia until the doctors […]

  • Meet Marryann

Meet the Petrones

In January of 2016, MaryAnn was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer at the age of 36. At the time of diagnosis, the doctors said she had, had cancer for many years. Due to her age […]

  • Meet the Fraser Family

Meet the Fraser Family

Deanne Fraser, age 44, of Stratford, CT was diagnosed with Malignant Neoplasm of the Transverse Colon stage IIIB in June 2015. Deanne had been receiving physical therapy after having undergone major back surgery in October […]

  • The Cryoskie Family

Meet the Cryoskie Family

Christine Cryoskie, age 51 of Stratford, woke up one day in November 2008 doing what most of us do without a second thought, making our beds. She felt something snap in her lower back. Christine […]

  • Meet The Mather Family

Meet the Mather Family

Treasured Time would like to welcome Nicole Mather and family as our latest “gift of moments” recipient!

Nicole Mather, 43 of Derby, CT became sick at age 15. After a couple years of not knowing what […]

  • Meet the Fedrick Family

Meet The Fedrick Family

Norman Fedrick, 53 of Stamford, CT was hospitalized with a rectal bleed from a burst blood vessel in September of 2014. He was sent for a colonoscopy in October 2014, the doctors found a tumor. […]

  • Meet The Castelianis

Meet The Casteliani Family

Maria Casteliani, 45 of Bridgeport originally of Colombia, was diagnosed with stage III, ER –Positive breast cancer in 2011. ER Positive breast cancer is a hormone driven breast cancer. She was the first female in […]

  • Speller Family

Meet The Speller Family

Cheryl Speller, is a 44 year old single mother of six children, who has worked at Yale New Haven Hospital as an Information Associate in the Pediatric Emergency Department for 20 years. In January 2012, […]

  • The Chevarella Family

Meet the Chevarella Family

Meet the Chevarella Family
Jodi Chevarella is 44 and lives in Derby, CT. She and her loving husband Dave have four children; Anna, 16, David, 14, Isabelle, 12 and Genna, 10. Jodi was diagnosed in 2010 […]

  • Meet the D'Oliveria Family Treasured Time

Meet the D’Oliveria Family

Alfredo D’Oliveria, 57 originally from Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Alfredo is a self made man. Over the last twenty years running his shoe shinning business, Alfredo has encountered countless people to whom he has provided […]

  • Meet the Dwyer Treasured Time

Meet the Dwyer Family

Josh Dwyer was 36 years old and was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. He was cared for by his loving wife Jodi and had two daughters 3 and 10. For the past two years […]

  • Meet the Mantone Family Treasured Time

Meet the Mantone Family

Augie and Joan Mantone both had stage IV inoperable cancers. Augie’s wish was to see Derek Jeter play one last time and thanks to some generous donations Treasured Time was able to implement this wish. […]

  • Meet the Provenzano Family Treasured Time

Meet the Provenzano Family

Lindsay Provenzano is a 33 year old mom of two children; Kayleigh 3 and Joey 6. Lindsay was diagnosed in 2013 with Hodgkins Lymphoma. It has been a very hard for her.  In between all her chemo […]