Meet The CastelianisMaria Casteliani, 45 of Bridgeport originally of Colombia, was diagnosed with stage III, ER –Positive breast cancer in 2011. ER Positive breast cancer is a hormone driven breast cancer. She was the first female in her family to have received the diagnosis of breast cancer and is not a carrier of the BRCA gene. Her doctors believe her diagnosis is environmental.

After her diagnosis doctors began treatment immediately. With the aggressiveness of the cancer she received chemo and radiation. After months of doctors and treatments she was in remission.

In March of 2014, the unexpected happen, Maria was diagnosed with the worst and most aggressive type of breast cancer, Triple Negative. She was given 6 months to live. At the time of this diagnosis tumors were found all over her body. The doctors could not believe the amount of metastases present in her body.

Due to how Maria is feeling she has been able to continue working part-time. She is a private hospice caregiver and has worked for the state for 4 years. Her husband Gene is an overnight accounting manager that works in a plant in NY. He commute’s daily. He is her primary care giver and attends all of her appointments and when she is on treatment takes off to be there with her.

Maria and her husband Gene have three children, Margarita, 23 who is in the airforce, Isabelle, 11 and Victoria, 9. She also has two grandchildren ages 1 and 2. Maria would love to go to Tampa to spend time with her family and take her children to Disney. She wants to give them the ability to get away from the cancer diagnosis and just let them enjoy their time with her. We look forward to sending the Casteliani family to Florida in September 2016.