Meet the Brown FamilyTreasured Time would like to introduce our 32nd family!

Cosmo Brown, age 63 of Derby, CT was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer in 2014. Before his diagnosis, Cosmo worked at CTS, a Waterbury based company for 5 years. Due to the complications that come along with a stage IV diagnosis, Cosmo was no longer able to continue working. Cosmo tried to apply for disability benefits in order for him to be able to support his family but was denied due to not enough work credits.

Cosmo and his wife Carla have been married for 21 years and have four children, Chase age 6, Nicholas age 8, Zoe age 16, and Dante age 19. Carla works 60 plus hours a week as a Patient Care Technician at Bridgeport Hospital in order to be able to provide financially for their family. 

Cosmo’s diagnosis was a huge blow to his family and has been emotionally taxing on everyone especially his 16-year-daughter who is very close to her dad. Cosmo realizes the stress his diagnosis has had not only on Carla but also on his children. Cosmo would love the opportunity to create a treasured moment with his family and escape his diagnosis for a bit. 

Treasured Time will be granting Cosmo and his family the “Gift of Moments” summer 2018. Please help us provide this family with an unforgettable experience by donating today!