Stanton FamilyTim Stanton, age 46 of Stratford, CT was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in February 2017. At the time of his diagnosis, it had spread to his liver and lymph nodes. Tim met with a surgeon in March 2017, who removed a 10cm mass from his colon, 10 inches of his colon and seventeen out of twenty-five lymph nodes. At the time of his diagnosis in February, the tumor mass on his colon was measuring at 6 cm indicating this is a fast growing cancer. 

Tim started chemo in April 2017. He had the choice to start with a more basic chemo but opted to go for a more aggressive form of treatment. He had four rounds on this aggressive chemo and unfortunately, his scans showed negative results. There were no improvements to his colon or his liver metastases. 

If Tim’s next set of scans do not show favorable results they will begin exploring clinical trials that may help to slow down the progression of the cancer. 

Tim has three children Alanna, age 24, and twin boys Blake and Lucas, age 6. His eldest daughter Alanna is a huge support for him and takes him to doctor’s appointments and helps with the boys and chores around the house even though she doesn’t live there. Missy, his wife can’t take much time off since she just started a new job at Teddy’s Transportation. 

Their family isn’t local but they have received a lot of community support in the way of babysitting and food trains. Tim and his family spend a lot of time maximizing on creating memories together by spending any free time they have together. 

Tim would love the opportunity to take his family to Disney and explore the magic it has to offer. Tim isn’t sure what the future holds but would love to give them this opportunity before he is unable too.