Speller FamilyCheryl Speller, is a 44 year old single mother of six children, who has worked at Yale New Haven Hospital as an Information Associate in the Pediatric Emergency Department for 20 years. In January 2012, Cheryl was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma, also known as triple negative breast cancer. After undergoing a lumpectomy in February 2012, as well as undergoing months of radiation and chemotherapy, Cheryl and her family believed she was officially free of cancer. However, three years later in February of 2015 Cheryl noticed a lump on her chest, which doctors diagnosed to be a more aggressive stage IV re-occurrence of her original breast cancer. Despite the emotional, physical and financial hardships her and her family have to endure, Cheryl lives life to its fullest with the highest level of humility and faith that there is a plan for her greater than she can ever understand. Although, Cheryl is currently back to work, she was out of work for many months and as with many families undergoing treatment, financial responsibilities have taken away from anything extra she could do with her family. Cheryl realizes that the road she faces is long and uncertain but she wants the opportunity to spend sometime with her family creating memories that none of them will ever forget. Treasured Time looks forward to sending the Speller family on their trip July 2016.