Schrader family photo for TTLaura Schrader, 46 of Sandy Hook, CT was living her dream as a loving wife and mother when cancer turned her world upside down.  Until her diagnosis, Laura’s life story was probably similar to many other people.  Laura is a stay at home wife and mother to Mitchell, age 13 and Ashley, age 10, and is married to her high school sweetheart, Tom.  She is an honest, trustworthy, loyal friend who is known for her vibrant and outgoing personality.  

Laura’s world forever changed when she was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer in May of 2015.  Within hours of the diagnosis, Laura was airlifted to Yale-New Haven Hospital and had emergency surgery. Her treatment has continued with numerous surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, physical therapy, drug trials, CT scans, MRI tests, ER visits, and countless medical appointments.  The Schrader Family has been through a lot these past 2 years, both emotionally and financially. 

Prior to the diagnosis, the Schrader family had enjoyed a few magical family vacations to Disney World.  Laura, Tom and the children all hold very special memories from these past trips.  Due to Laura’s treatment schedule and the financial constraints from this medical condition, the family has not been away during the past 2 years.  Laura is a fighter and has endured the cancer battle for over 2 years.  Laura has recently expressed a desire to “get back to Disney” and the family is looking to make this time as memorable as possible for Laura.