Meet the Ksepko FamilyGregory Ksepko, age 43 of Stamford, CT began experiencing pain in his left side in 2014. Gregory walked to the hospital where they performed a CT scan. Upon reviewing the results doctors encouraged he be transported by ambulance to Greenwich Hospital. He remained in the hospital for two days. During his stay at Greenwich Hospital, doctors found that he had a tumor growing on his kidney that they believe had been there for 10 years or more. After conducting a biopsy it was determined that he had cancer. In 2015, they found a mass on his lung, they biopsied the tumor and found that his cancer had spread.

Shortly after, a CT scan was performed on his brain and it was identified that he had metastasis to his brain. He immediately was recommended for Gamma Ray treatment. The insurance rejected the protocol that doctors wanted to do. They would only cover a chemo bomb. After receiving his 5th rejection letter from the insurance company Gregory decided to pay himself. They set up a Go Fund Me page to cover the $20K in medications, copays and out of pocket expenses. Gregory was sent to New Haven to receive the Gamma Ray treatment where they found 19 brain tumors.  Since this treatment they have found metastases in his spine, his bones, his hips and in his neck, which doctors radiated.

Gregory is currently on a new medication but is experiencing a lot of pain. He is currently working but can barely get into work because he isn’t well. His boss has been very understanding and is a wonderful man.

Gregory and his wife Katarzyna have two small children, Zuzanna, age 9 and Maya, age 3. Since the youngest child was born it has been all about doctors, treatments, and work. Gregory would love the opportunity to surprise his two daughters with a trip to Disney.