Jessica GariepyJessica Gariepy, age 42, of Fairfield, CT was diagnosed with a rare neuroendocrine or carcinoid with goblet cell cancer in May 2016. Jessica woke up with pain on her right side that just wouldn’t go away. She reached out to a friend who is a nurse and suggested she go to the ER. When she got to the ER and after some evaluation doctors determined she was having issues with her appendix. After some testing her appendix was removed that day.

When Jessica went back two weeks later to have her stitches removed she was told that she had, had a large rare tumor on her appendix. She was referred to Sloan where they performed a hemicolectomy. There they diagnosed her with adenocarinoma, making this case rare because one tumor was two different types of cancer.

She was transferred to Yale. Jessica was put on an aggressive chemo that she administered at Yale every two weeks and then at home through a pump, this lasted 6 months. In December 2016, Jessica began experiencing difficulty breathing and couldn’t move. It turned out that there was a leak caused by a weakened area at the reconnection site which was most likely caused by the chemo.

Due to this complication doctors urged her to discontinue her chemo treatments immediately due to the risk it posed to her health. In June 2017 when Jessica had scans done did show some spots on her liver which were unchanged from previous scans as well as two bone lesions. Jessica will continue to get scanned every 3-4 months. Doctors have not said her cancer is in remission because the tumors are slow growing.

Jessica has a great support system with her parents who live in town. Her and her two children Jake, 12 and Ryan, 10 eat at her parent’s house every night. Jessica and her children have not been on a family vacation with just the three of them in about three years. Jessica would love the opportunity to get away from the turmoil her cancer diagnosis has caused and get away on a cruise with her two boys.