Meet the Fraser FamilyDeanne Fraser, age 44, of Stratford, CT was diagnosed with Malignant Neoplasm of the Transverse Colon stage IIIB in June 2015. Deanne had been receiving physical therapy after having undergone major back surgery in October 2014 when her cancer was diagnosed.

Deanne learned that like her two brothers and her dad she too had Lynch Syndrome which is a hereditary colon cancer. Sadly her dad passed away from this terrible disease.

Due to the countless surgeries, Deanne suffers from memory loss and mobility issues which cause her to walk with a cane. Deanne has also battled with depression over the last two years since she was diagnosed. Deanne knows this is only a temporary setback and is working very hard to overcome it.

The light in Deanne’s life is her daughter Chantal. However, Deanne can’t help but feel angry and sad that her daughter has been forced to mature much quicker due to her mom’s diagnosis.

Although Deanne is unemployed she would love the opportunity to do something memorable with her daughter. Deanne spent many years as a working professional but has been unable to work since her diagnosis. Due to Deanne’s restrictions, she had hoped that taking her daughter on a cruise would provide them with that experience. Deanne has always wanted to experience this with her daughter.

Treasured Time granted Deanne and Chantal the “gift of moments” in January 2017.