Meet the Fedrick FamilyNorman Fedrick, 53 of Stamford, CT was hospitalized with a rectal bleed from a burst blood vessel in September of 2014. He was sent for a colonoscopy in October 2014, the doctors found a tumor. After performing a biopsy on the tumor, the doctors were able to diagnose Norman with stage 3 colon cancer. Norman was put on radiation and chemo on October 30th, which lasted 7 weeks. On April 7th, 2015, Norman had a 7-hour surgery to remove the tumor. Although, the tumor was removed cancerous cells stayed behind. Norman was then placed on a more aggressive chemo that would last 21 days.

Normans battle didn’t end there, somehow the nurses administering him the chemo didn’t realize that the port was not properly placed and instead of the chemo going directly into the vein, the chemo actually went into his skin subcutaneously causing his arm to turn black, swell and have permanent nerve damage. This has caused Norman a great deal of pain and discomfort. He has been in physical therapy trying to regain full function of his arm.

Norman is a self-employed, hard working man who has been unable to operate his carpet cleaning business since his arm has caused him to be disabled. Norman and his wife Judy have two children, Shanese, age 16, and Lynese, age 24 who also suffers from various disabilities. Norman and Judy are the legal guardians of their granddaughter Alexis, age 4 and have been raising her since birth.

Norman doesn’t have the means to do anything special with his family due to his financial limitations but he wanted nothing more then to take his family to the Poconos. They had been there once before and remembered all the memories they shared and all the fun they had. Norman and his family got the opportunity to make new memories at Camelback Mountain Waterpark Resort in May 2016.