The Cryoskie FamilyChristine Cryoskie, age 51 of Stratford, woke up one day in November 2008 doing what most of us do without a second thought, making our beds. She felt something snap in her lower back. Christine tried to shake it out and waited for the pain to subside. But instead she felt her toes go numb. Christine went to the doctor thinking it was a pinched nerve. After various tests they concluded it wasn’t a pinched nerve but suggested she see a neurologist. In December 2008, the day before her appointment Christine woke up completely paralyzed. Her husband at the time took her to the hospital. The doctor ran tests and identified twelve lesions in her brain, one in her spinal cord and one in her neck. That day Christine was diagnosed with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis.

Christine will be on a number of treatments for the rest of her life ranging from double chemo plasma infusions to steroid plasma infusions. These treatments hopefully will allow Christine to live a full and productive life but at any time she could wake up and her mobility or speech could be affected. Christine currently has complete numbness from her thighs down.

Christine is a single mother of three children. Jamie, 33, Tara, 12 and Sierra, 11. Christine would love the opportunity to take her kids to Disney. She wants to be able to create a memory with them that in the event something happens they have that to remember. Treasured Time will be granting this wish in 2017.