Meet MarryannIn January of 2016, MaryAnn was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer at the age of 36. At the time of diagnosis, the doctors said she had, had cancer for many years. Due to her age and the fact that she had, had a child two years prior the doctors were not quick to run tests on her despite MaryAnn getting sick practically overnight. 
Maryanne at the time of diagnosis had tumors on her breast bones, lungs, back and ribs which had been attributed to her breast cancer diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma which is a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Her doctors didn’t think she would make it through the summer with how advanced the cancer was.
Maryann grew up on a farm where they grew all their fruits and vegetables and has no family history of breast cancer, she was devastated to discover that at such a young age and so unexpectedly her life was changed forever. She is a stay at home mom and is currently raising her 6-year-old daughter Madeline and her soon to be 3-year-old daughter Sophie. 
Maryann’s husband Scott is currently the only one working. He is a civil engineer in Bristol and has been with his company for 13 years. MaryAnn is on a daily chemo cocktail that she takes at home and has to go for monthly injections at the end of every month. 
Despite the kids being young, her 6-year-old is aware of her mom’s diagnosis and has been very strong during this time. Her almost 3-year-old Sophie doesn’t really understand what her mom is going through but is very attached to her mom and is her little mini-me. MaryAnn would like the opportunity to do something with her husband and children to get away from the stress that has become her life and creates a lasting memory with her family. Treasured Time will be granting this “Gift of Moments” in June 2017.