Meet the Figueroa Family

Bill Figueroa is a 51year old man who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013. In 2014 Bill had his first craniotomy. Due to this procedure Bill suffered two strokes. The tumor in Bill’s brain is so severely imbedded in his brain that surgery is no longer an option. Bill recently completed radiation and […]

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Meet the DeRoche Family

Dan Deroche, divorced father of five and one stepson was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in August of 2014, after months of rigorous testing and a misdiagnosis of Osteoporosis. Multiple myeloma is a rare form of bone marrow cancer. At the time of Dan’s diagnosis the mother of his three eldest children was also diagnosed with […]

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Meet the Hutchinson Family

Anna Hutchinson who calls herself the spokesperson for stage IV cancer is the mother of three children son (9) and daughter (11) and eldest daughter passed away from a one in a million brain tumor at Yale. Anna was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic colon cancer at the age of 38 about 2 years ago. […]

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Meet the Ouelette Family

Debra Ouellette from Watertown, CT, is the mother of our newest family and has a family of six children. She is currently fighting stage 4 liver cancer, which has forced her out of work and due to this she is unfortunately about to lose her home. Debra believed, that due to her hardships, she would […]

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Meet the Plona Family

Mark Plona and his wife had the perfect story, they met and fell in love. Got married, bought their first home and got pregnant with their first child. As mark described it everything was going as they had planned. But as quickly as it all fell in line things started to fall apart.

Mark Plona was […]

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Meet The Quirk Family

Christopher Quirk was diagnosed in November of 2013, after a routine physical found that his liver was fattier than it should be. Doctors required him to get some additional tests. After a few more tests Chris was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer.

Chris originally went to Danbury Hospital.  The doctors there wanted him to start Chemo […]

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Meet the Aresta Family

Stacey and Mark Aresta of Naugatuck are the perfect fairytale story. They met at just 18 years old, fell in love, and have been married for the last 20 years! They have three beautiful children, Trevor, 15, Teresa, 13, and Elizabeth, 8 and dreamed of one day being foster parents. Sadly, last year their fairytale […]

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Meet the Bruno Family

Heather Bruno was our first Treasured Time recipient. She was a single mother in her 40’s who had breast cancer.  She lived in Oxford, CT with her 3 children, Jessica, Lauren, and Tony. Heather was diagnosed in 2012 with lumps in her breasts as well as breast cancer in all her bones from head to […]

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