Meet the Mont Family

Xiomara Mont, 32 of New Haven, CT was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer with metastases to her liver and T12 spinal bone on April 14th, 2017.

Before her diagnosis, Xiomara worked for a local car dealership and had been perpetually complaining for two years about chronic back pain. She shared her frustrations with her primary […]

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Meet the Schrader Family

Laura Schrader, 46 of Sandy Hook, CT was living her dream as a loving wife and mother when cancer turned her world upside down.  Until her diagnosis, Laura’s life story was probably similar to many other people.  Laura is a stay at home wife and mother to Mitchell, age 13 and Ashley, age 10, and is married […]

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Meet the Gariepy Family

Jessica Gariepy, age 42, of Fairfield, CT was diagnosed with a rare neuroendocrine or carcinoid with goblet cell cancer in May 2016. Jessica woke up with pain on her right side that just wouldn’t go away. She reached out to a friend who is a nurse and suggested she go to the ER. When she […]

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Meet the Stanton Family

Tim Stanton, age 46 of Stratford, CT was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in February 2017. At the time of his diagnosis, it had spread to his liver and lymph nodes. Tim met with a surgeon in March 2017, who removed a 10cm mass from his colon, 10 inches of his colon and seventeen […]

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Meet the O’Leary Family

Jeremiah O’Leary known as “Jay” age 42, his wife and their three children live in Manchester, Connecticut. 

In late February after having worked almost 200 hours, Jay started to feel run down, it got so bad he couldn’t eat or drink. He attributed it to working so many hours but on March 1st he went to […]

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Meet the Ksepko Family

Gregory Ksepko, age 43 of Stamford, CT began experiencing pain in his left side in 2014. Gregory walked to the hospital where they performed a CT scan. Upon reviewing the results doctors encouraged he be transported by ambulance to Greenwich Hospital. He remained in the hospital for two days. During his stay at Greenwich Hospital, […]

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Meet the Celone Family

Mark Celone, age 51 of Derby, CT was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in March 2016. Prior to this diagnosis Mark had not been feeling very sick but did have a huge lump in his bicep and had been experiencing some chronic back pain but didn’t think anything of it. After his wife Kimberly […]

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Meet the Amour Family

In December 2015, Charlene Armour, age 54 from Bridgeport,CT was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Charlene had undergone various tests including for Lyme and lupus and had even been diagnosed with pneumonia until the doctors were able to confirm her diagnosis. 
Charlene received 37 days of straight chemo which ended in January of 2016, subsequently she […]

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Meet the Petrones

In January of 2016, MaryAnn was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer at the age of 36. At the time of diagnosis, the doctors said she had, had cancer for many years. Due to her age and the fact that she had, had a child two years prior the doctors were not quick to run tests […]

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Meet the Fraser Family

Deanne Fraser, age 44, of Stratford, CT was diagnosed with Malignant Neoplasm of the Transverse Colon stage IIIB in June 2015. Deanne had been receiving physical therapy after having undergone major back surgery in October 2014 when her cancer was diagnosed.

Deanne learned that like her two brothers and her dad she too had Lynch Syndrome […]

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