Meet the O'Leary FamilyJeremiah O’Leary known as “Jay” age 42, his wife and their three children live in Manchester, Connecticut. 

In late February after having worked almost 200 hours, Jay started to feel run down, it got so bad he couldn’t eat or drink. He attributed it to working so many hours but on March 1st he went to the hospital to be evaluated. During this time his wife Jessica was on maternity leave after having their third child and was due to return back to work. 

Six hours after being admitted into the hospital doctors notified Jay that he had stage IV colon cancer. Due to his diagnosis Jay had an immediate surgery to remove 12 of his 16 lymph nodes. Doctors had anticipated performing surgery to remove some of the metastasis they had found and begin treating him with hot chemo but when they opened him up the cancer was too far-gone. Within 48 hours of diagnosis, doctors were discussing Jay’s life expectancy and the prognosis wasn’t good. 

Sadly, in March of 2017, Jay’s oncologist called after all the results were in and told Jay that he had 3-6 months to live. 

Jay and Jessica have three children, Maxamilion, age 12, Donatella, almost 2, and Julianna, she is 6 months. Their son Max attends Bennett Academy in Manchester and is on the autism spectrum. He is struggling with his dad’s diagnosis. Max has recently gotten involved with his local youth football, which Jay has been coaching when he is feeling well to help him cope not only with his autism but his dad’s illness.

Jay grew up in Buffalo and has fond memories of his time there and would like to take his children there. Max has been there a few times with Jay and Jessica but would love the opportunity to go with his sisters to see Niagara Falls. Jay who like his son Max is an avid football fan, would love the opportunity to visit the stadium the Buffalo Bills play at one last time. Treasured Time will be granting their “Gift of Moments” in June 2017.