Giving the Gift of Moments

At Treasured Time, our goal is to help grant the wishes of parents with life-threatening medical conditions, who seek to create a memorable family experience, during an incredibly difficult time in their life.  Our unique approach is in understanding the value of getting to know our families well, so that we can come to appreciate what really matters to them most.

Together we work to develop creative adventures and once-in-a-life-time experiences.  These experiences will be the building blocks that create lasting memories for our families for years to come.  The team at Treasured Time wants families to be given the opportunity to laugh a bit harder, love a bit more, and fondly remember the “gift of moments” forever.

Families Treasured Time is Fundraising For!


Families We Are Currently Fundraising For

  • Meet the O'Leary Family

Meet the O’Leary Family

Jeremiah O’Leary known as “Jay” age 42, his wife and their three children live in Manchester, Connecticut. 

In late February after having worked almost 200 hours, Jay started to feel run down, it got so bad […]

  • Meet the Ksepko Family

Meet the Ksepko Family

Gregory Ksepko, age 43 of Stamford, CT began experiencing pain in his left side in 2014. Gregory walked to the hospital where they performed a CT scan. Upon reviewing the results doctors encouraged he be […]

  • Meet the Celone Family

Meet the Celone Family

Mark Celone, age 51 of Derby, CT was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in March 2016. Prior to this diagnosis Mark had not been feeling very sick but did have a huge lump in […]

  • The Amours at Treasured Time

Meet the Amour Family

In December 2015, Charlene Armour, age 54 from Bridgeport,CT was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Charlene had undergone various tests including for Lyme and lupus and had even been diagnosed with pneumonia until the doctors […]

  • Meet Marryann

Meet the Petrones

In January of 2016, MaryAnn was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer at the age of 36. At the time of diagnosis, the doctors said she had, had cancer for many years. Due to her age […]

Treasured Time Giving the Gift of Moments

Treasured Time grants the wishes of parents with life-threatening illnesses who want to create a lasting memory with their children

Upcoming FUNdraising Events!

Dober Invitational

Treasured Time is honored to be the charity of choice for the 28th annual DOBER Invitational Golf Tournament & Dinner Dance. 

This event will be benefiting the O’Leary family, and families like them. You can meet the O’Leary family, and have a really fun evening for a great cause. Jay O’Leary is fighting for his life and time with his family so please come join us at the dinner dance Friday night and help us make his “Gift of Moments” a reality.

For more information on the event, and to purchase tickets, please go to

    Happy Families!

    “My family was blessed to experience a trip of a lifetime gifted to us by Treasured Time, the people behind this awesome foundation and its donors. My husband had been battling stage 4 inoperable pancreatic cancer recurrence. Our family had been going through this with him for the past two years. Two years is a very long time when you’re fighting to live every day and you’re praying to God daily that your husband/father will beat this horrible disease. What treasured time offers families like our is a chance to break free from it all, do something they financially otherwise would not be able to do and make some totally awesome memories that can’t be taken away and will truly last a lifetime. The team members are amazingly kind, thoughtful and do good people. They go out of their way to accommodate your every wish and they’re so excited with you. It’s been an blessing to say the least and I hope to help the foundation in the future. Without a doubt Treasured Time will always be near and dear to our hearts. Sincere Thank You’s from the Dwyers ((hugs)).”
    Dwyer Family, Disney 2015
    Treasured Time provided my family with the vacation that was very much needed and appreciated.
    In July, we spent a week at Disney World. We have three children, 17, 15 and 3. The older two have been to Disney, but the youngest was only 1 when I was diagnosed with cancer and we have been unable to afford such a vacation. Treasured Time, not only gave us the ability to take him, but it gave us a vacation from cancer. The month before the vacation was spent planning and talking, as a family, about what we would do when we were there. The week we were there was magical.

    From the planning, to the vacation, to the memories and pictures, this is something we will never forget and we can’t thank Treasured Time enough! The Plona Family, July 2015

    The Plona Family, July 2015
    “I want to thank Treasured Time for granting my wish for my family and me. We had a wonderful time being together as a family to make great memories. When I was going to school to become an RN, I was a single parent and had six children at the time with 2 very young children under the age of 6. I had asked the older children, if they helped me out with the younger 2 and also helped me around the house while I was going to school and working part time at the hospital, that when I became an RN, I would save as much money as I could to take the whole family on a cruise. I became an RN and did what I had promised them saving as much money as I could to take them on that cruise. I almost completed that promise. I had been looking at cruises to see if I had enough money and was almost there when I got diagnosed with cancer. My dream was shattered. I had to have surgery and got the sense from the doctors that I may not survive this. It took me 4 months to recover from the surgery and 2 1/2 years to be able to go back to work. All the while I continued to pay my mortgage and monthly bills with the money I had saved for the cruise and no other income coming into the household. The money I had saved disappeared. I started to work again and got rediagnosed with metastatic cancer only 9 months after starting work. My hopes and dreams of ever going on that cruise with my family were gone. I would never work again. Then one of my daughters told me about your organization, Treasured Time, which granted wishes to adults with life threatening diseases. Before Treasured Time I had no hope of ever going on that cruise with my family. A promise I would never fulfill because of my disease. But because of Treasured Time, I fulfilled that promise made so long ago and we made some wonderful memories that we all will keep in our minds and hearts forever. Thank you again, Treasured Time.” Debra Ouellette, August 2015
    Debra Ouellette
    This letter is sent to you to convey our utmost gratitude in your extremely generous donations, and giving us the recent opportunity on our trip. I would like to say we had a great time on our cruise. I have been very touched by your kindness and generosity. As I continue to battle daily, in staying strong and winning, I someday soon would love to donate myself in any way possible to the benefits of your group to continuing making it’s mission a success. Heartfelt thanks to our limo drive Joe, he made us feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you also to Carnival Cruise and their cruise director Eric. Again, we are forever grateful.
    Deanne and Chantal Fraser

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